Welcome to Shady Grove Orthopaedics: The Orthopaedic Doctors Who Specialize in What Moves You!

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Providing specialized, compassionate care since 1972, the doctors and staff at Shady Grove Orthopaedics offer experienced, individualized treatment for patients suffering from bone, joint, and muscle injuries and conditions through our two state-of-the-art facilities, located in Rockville and Germantown.

More than Simply “Back Doctors”

When you think of orthopaedic medicine, you may immediately think of doctors who provide care for back issues. And while we help patients with back pain and issues on a regular basis, we are much more than simply “back doctors”.

Orthopaedic medicine is a specialty area of medicine dealing with the musculoskeletal system (bones and joints.) Our specialized orthopaedic surgeons provide care for the backneck, and spineelbowfoot and anklehand and wristhipknee, and shoulder, in addition to specializing in joint replacement and revisionpediatric orthopaedics, and sports medicine.

Pediatric Orthopaedics – Care for the Smallest of Patients!

In addition to offering a full range of orthopaedic services to adults, we also offer the highest level of care and compassion to children, through a board-certified pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who has advanced training and experience working with children of all ages.

Rather than recommending surgery immediately, we work with children and their parents to try exercises and other non-surgical treatment to help restore mobility and function. We work with children who have suffered injuries, as well as those who have conditions such as scoliosis.

In the event non-surgical treatment methods are not providing the level of results hoped for, we will discuss other options to help get your child moving again.

Care in Your Area: Rockville and Germantown Orthopaedics

When you need othopaedic care, it helps to have treatment options in your neighborhood. We are proud to offer the highest level of care to patients in both our Rockville, MD and Germantown, MD offices. In either location, you can be confident you will receive the same quality orthopaedic treatment for your bone, joint, muscle injuries or other conditions.

Why Choose Shady Grove Orthopaedics

Recognized for our expertise in the specialty of orthopaedics and sports medicine, the doctors and specialized staff of Shady Grove Orthopaedics proudly serve as the team physicians for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes.

We have been helping patients with their orthopaedic care needs for a long time – since 1972, in fact! In that time, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to provide the highest level of orthopaedic care to each patient. Our highly trained team of orthopaedic experts are devoted to providing customized treatment plans focused on your needs and goals.

We are proud to be associated with a number of hospitals and medical centers, offering care across the region.

At Shady Grove Orthopaedics, we specialize in what moves you.

To learn more about the relief orthopaedic medicine can provide, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Then, contact us to schedule an appointment online, or by calling (301) 340-9200.